Harwood Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood kitchen flooring is being used by many people to create a warm atmosphere in their home and to increase its value. This type of flooring is available in maple, bamboo, cherry, and oak. Each of these types of kitchen floors are produced from deciduous trees.

You can find hardwood kitchen flooring as engineered or solid flooring. Solid hardwood floors are made with solid pieces of wood that have been cut into planks of a certain thickness. These types of hardwood kitchen floors should not be used over concrete slabs – but at above ground level only.

Engineered hardwood kitchen flooring is manufactured using several plies of wood that is laminated in order to form a plank. Usually a veneer is added to the top of the plank. This type of hardwood kitchen floors can be used over dry concrete slabs.

Hardwood floors are some of the more expensive kitchen floor types that you can choose – but it has its advantages. If you take proper care of it this floor will last you for many more years than vinyl or tile kitchen flooring. It can also add a considerable amount of value to the home by creating a warm look to your home. It is also easier to maintain – which is something many homeowners look for in floors.

In order to prevent water damage you should take care to clean up any liquid spills on the hardwood floors as soon as it happens. The different types of finishes that are used over the hardwood floors help to keep them resistant to damage and to keep up on with no problems.