How To Refinish Hardwood Floors

Wood floors are great to have in your kitchen because they are easy to clean and help to add a warmth to your home. Over time though these floors can become worn out and dull looking. You could replace them – but this is something that we don’t always want to do. Instead learn how to refinish those hardwood kitchen floors and get them to look like new again.

Sanding The Floor

  • Before you can begin you must inspect the floor to make sure that there are no nails, staples, or anything sharp on the floors.
  • You will need to rent a floor sander from an equipment shop. The drum sanders are very heavy – but they do a great job. When you use it you will need to keep it moving constantly or it will create a groove in your floor that cannot be removed. If this is too hard to control you will want the orbital sanders.
  • Make sure to have a large supply of sandpaper on have that will fit the machine you are using.
  • After learning how to use it and setting it up you will need to run the sander over the kitchen floor. It needs to be moving in the direction of the wood grain. You will go over it with a heavy grit paper and then afterwards with a lighter grain paper. Make sure to remove all scratched and lines.
  • Remove all dust with a small hand held vacuum.

Refinishing The Floor

  • Purchase a polyurethane finish. Before you apply it you need to shake it well and mix it up well.
  • Use a roller or brush that is smooth when applying it to the kitchen hardwood floors. You will need to paint it on in even strokes and with the grain.
  • Let the finish dry completely. This might take up to three hours or longer – but it is best to wait over night.
  • When it has dried you will be ready to add a second coat. Wait a few more days until you replace any rugs and appliances back on the floor.