Radiant Heat Kitchen Flooring

One of the disadvantages to any type of kitchen flooring that you choose is how cold and hard it can be during the winter months. It would be impossible to use carpet in the kitchen because of the many stains that we would have to clean out every single day. So instead we are forced to choose something that is durable and looks great – but is not so warm on our feet.

During the winter months these floors can be downright cold and we are forced to wear slippers all day long even when we do not wish to. However, there is a way that we can fix this by using radiant heat kitchen flooring. This type of flooring is built with hot water tubes or electrical wires that lie beneath the floors.

It allows the heat to rise directly from the ground allowing the floors to capture the heal and keep it nice and warm. It is more effective than turning up the thermostat – which is not effective at warming the floors.

There are two ways in which you can heat your floors; with electricity or hot water tubes. When electricity is used to heat the floors it uses resistance wire that is fitted to the kitchen. This is the most expensive option that you have because it can increase the electricity bill each month.

The easier and most cost effective method would be to use the hot water tubes – which uses a hydronic system to heat not just the kitchen floor – but also the entire home. It is able to circulate water from a water heater or boiler and run it through ½ inch polyethylene tubing that runs beneath the kitchen floor.

These tubes are very flexible and are able to be installed on the surface of the sub floor and into the panels and snap in grids. Or it can be installed through the aluminum strips that are on the underside of the floor and than embedded into the concrete. After you have it installed you will be able to lay down the kitchen flooring of your choice.